Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Guess I Wasn't Done

Runway Lineup Over Gravelly Point (Canon XSi).

I thought I was done with my SoFoBoMo project on June 1.  I'd reduced 2,941 photos to a group of 41.  2,900 were rejected.  So be it.  What I'd chosen were just fine.

Over the last few days I've been mildly disconsolate, having finished my project.  It happens with all projects I complete.  Yet I knew this one wasn't entirely over.  From the start, my intention was not simply to create a PDF, but a hard cover book.  In fact, I actually created the layout for the print version and simply reduced it with minor adjustments for uploading to  I used Apple's iPhoto book service, first creating a large hardcover, and then copying it and modifying it to a medium soft cover.  Except for duplicate end-paper photos and similar minor flourishes, the two are essentially the same.  In practice, the 22MB printable book dropped to 12MB, with minimal reduction in screen viewing quality.  A couple nights ago I realized there were at least two additional photos I really wanted to include.  Tonight I revisited the collection.

While I didn't review the entire lot, I did view a great many of what I thought might go into the book.  The photos would fill white pages opposite the text pages.  I find myself pleasantly surprised that while I added five new photos, it was difficult choosing even those; the project was essentially complete on June 1, but now was finished on June 6.  That's when a few things struck me.  First was that I could update the SoFoBoMo book in iPhoto if I wanted.  Next, I wondered how much larger it would be.  I thought it might actually remain under the upload limit.  Finally I realized that I still have until June 12 to "complete" my project.  I knew that I could replace a PDF on the site if I wanted.

I updated the book through iPhoto.  I thought about the implications of updating it.  I'd already passed the book around at work, and have received very good responses to it.  That's reassuring, given I work in aviation.  Would I be as the Evil George Lucas, updating Star Wars throughout his life?!  If that's as evil as I become, then so be it.  It is my destiny.

The hardcover book has now been ordered, and I think now my SoFoBoMo project is complete.  This is the best book and photo project I've done to date.

Thank you again Paul Butzi for this great idea that is SoFoBoMo.

Thank you to all of the SoFoBoMo participants.  I've been looking at the completed books, and they're great!  All the best to everyone working on their projects and/or supporting SoFoBoMo!

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