Monday, June 1, 2009

So It's Done

A Passenger (Canon XSi).

So it's done.  I've completed and uploaded my book for the SoFoBoMo event.  In three weeks I've created this book that celebrates aviation.  I think it's coherent and viewable.  I'd like to think it's a bit artistic.  Most of all I hope that it's enjoyable to anyone looking at it.

This is the ninth photo book I've created and the first for SoFoBoMo, but certainly the first that was done as an artistic project.  It's no more than a student work, but hopefully it shows well.  Over the last three weeks I've gone from using a very nice digital point and shoot, the G9, to an entry level DSLR, the XSi.  My original plan was to do this project with the G9.  Canon made the price on the XSi irresistible however, and my original plans were becoming quite dynamic.  Plans and expectations changed so much over the last three weeks that my last session was shot entirely in RAW without jpeg backup; a couple white balance corrected photos made it into my book.

This was an exercise in growth in many areas.  I'm a math and computer geek.  I had to find the nerve to talk with complete strangers to successfully take photos of the WWII vets at the airport this last Saturday.  I don't do that well at all, but I had to do it if I wanted to get the photos and honor those heroes.  I had to push a bit with the airport operations folks to get permission to take photos, and in the end they were great and all went well.  I found myself enjoying chatting for a few moments with the TSA folks at the airport.

I very much thank Paul Butzi for creating the SoFoBoMo event.  I also appreciate his patience with me when I posted a rant Saturday night.  I was more affected by the experience with the veterans than I realized, and lost sight of part of what this event is about.  He helped correct my course.  Thank you Paul, and I'm sorry.

Over the coming days I may realize more what this event has been about for me.  Tonight I'm tired, but not exhausted.  It's been fun.  I don't know how many hours I've spent on this project, but I really can't think of a time when it's been other than a positive experience.  It was all time well spent.

This was a great time!


  1. I've been following your progress, avidly. This last shot is one of my fav. Very enjoyable browsing your book.

  2. Thank you aa! I'm glad you enjoyed it.