Sunday, May 31, 2009

DCA Terminal Today and Yesterday

Airport Terminal (Canon XSi).

The Old Terminal (Canon XSi).

What an experience it was yesterday at National Airport.  In addition to the WWII veterans, I covered lots of ground in the terminal.  The first photo for this post is just one of many I took.  It's light, bright, airy, colorful.  It's alive, and busier than the photo might suggest.  After spending lots of time around the main terminal, I headed south toward the older terminal.  What I saw is in the second photo.

Years ago this was frenetic with all manner of activity, smoky, loud.  Alive.  On the left were the ticketing counters.  At the far end was a news stand and upstairs a restaurant.  I flew out of here many times, and saw a few celebrities in here.  Today it's little more than a forgotten museum.  The final section of terminal south of here is still active, but this one is just empty and quiet.

As of today, Sunday May 31, I have reduced over 2,900 photos to a collection of just 72.  It will be further reduced over the next day or two to something closer to 40.  This SoFoBoMo event has been exhilarating, challenging, and for a moment frustrating.  It has also been supremely rewarding.  I can honestly say I didn't expect to experience anything like this.  It's hard to believe my project has been going for just less than three weeks.

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