Monday, May 18, 2009

Second Day of SoFoBoMo

Airbus A319 Take-off (Canon XSi).

Today, Monday May 18, I took the second set of photographs for my SoFoBoMo project.  The weather was somewhat windy from the north, so the airport ran the same runway configuration as last Tuesday.  I brought my XSi to try it.

The XSi is a nice little camera.  I really appreciate how well the G9 works, but the XSi just blows it away.  I'll still use the G9 for many of the photos, but the XSi will figure prominently in the project.  I found myself switching from fully manual to program mode, as well as manual focus to autofocus.  Continuous shooting is very nice.  In an hour and a half I shot just over 500 photos.  In addition to photos of aircraft, I have some of the environs, though I also did that the other day with the G9.  Also, today I took photos of some really neat cloud formations.  Those images may serve as backdrops for a couple of the pages in the final book.

After going through the photos, I find I will need to learn how to keep the XSi level while shooting quickly.  This is something I experienced with the G9 and previously with my wife's Sony DSC-T5, a nice little camera in its own right.  I also find it is very easy to take lots of photos with the XSi.  In part, this is because being an SLR I can easily keep tracking aircraft while photographing them.  Though I took more than with the G9, the images were generally better because I could work the camera better.

I'll be out again over the next two mornings, as well as Wednesday evening.  All three sessions I expect will be outside.  I figure I'll have one more session inside the airport terminal itself, and that will likely be next week.  After that, the principle photography for the project will be complete.  The task of making the book will follow.

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