Saturday, May 2, 2009


Weather is a key factor regarding when I start my SoFoBoMo project, given that once started it must be completed within 31 days.  For the traffic shots, which will be a majority of the photos, I would like to have clear blue skies in sunny conditions.  Gravelly Point would ideally be river arrivals from the north, which also requires winds from the south.  Daingerfield island would ideally be river arrivals from the south, with winds from the north.  Photos inside the airport terminal can be done in less than sunny conditions, though I think the sun could be pretty neat in National.  From the outside the terminal isn't what I'd call attractive.  Inside however, it is.

So, what's the current weather forecast?

Rain.  Rain.  Rain.

This is Saturday, May 2.  The National Weather Service, NWS, has forecast showers and thunderstorms from now through Wednesday May 6.  "Partly sunny" doesn't happen until Thursday and Friday, and then with a moderate chance of showers on both days.


I have time.

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