Friday, May 1, 2009

It Begins

Taken at Gravelly Point in April 2009 (Canon G9).

Today SoFoBoMo begins. A friend in Oregon, Amy Sakurai, is doing a one day shoot. Should be interesting. She does very well with photography. I'll be interested to see what and how she does.

There's a lady in this area who is doing something with highlighted color. Her front photo looks interesting. I hope to see hers when she's done.

My project, Airport, is my second idea. Originally I was going to do something on where I live, Oakton. The premise was that this place is more than the bedroom community it appears to be. After some research I discovered it's true. There's some Civil War history behind the place, which used to be called Flint Hill. Still, I wasn't so sure it would work as I expected, and what initial interest and passion I had for it faded.

My intention is to photograph aircraft going into and out of National Airport. Yes, it's Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, aka DCA, aka KDCA. I really liked Ronald Reagan, but the airport is still National Airport to me.

That said, my goal is to photograph aircraft as they arrive or depart National. There is a park, Gravelly Point, that sits just north of runway 1/19, where you can almost touch the aircraft. This will be my primary location from which to photograph. I will also take photos from inside the airport terminal and from south of the airport on Daingerfield Island, home of the Washington Sailing Marina. With luck I'll get southbound arrivals at Gravelly and northbound at Daingerfield. I also hope to get south departures at Gravelly.


  1. Good luck with the security guards and police! :-)

  2. Thanks! Actually the only place where it should be a problem is in the airport terminal itself. I've got workarounds for that. ;-)