Saturday, May 30, 2009

World War II Veterans at DCA

Honor and Respect.


When I was given permission to photograph at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport by the airport operations manager, he told me of some special flights that would be arriving on Saturday May 30, carrying many World War II veterans.  I made sure I would be there on time.

When I arrived at the airport this morning, I took some photos of the inside of the terminal and then took some of the terrace and tower.  National is actually a very pretty airport.  I knew it was, but got to know it just a little better today.  When the time came to await the veterans, I went to the area and sat at a table drinking some water.  Then I spoke to a gentleman whom I figured was with the vets; he was.  I ended up talking with him, a pilot, a few folks from TSA, and gave out some personal business cards.  I was hoping to take lots of photos of these heroes and give the photos to them via email.  It would be my way of giving some small honor back to them.

These people visit DC through the Honor Flight Network.  It's a great thing this organization does.  In addition to the Honor Flight Network though, the USO helped, TSA supported them, USAirways supported them, the airport operations folks helped, and a whole bunch of individuals traveling with these heroes were there in support.

Thank you Sully.

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