Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Session 4, Outside Principle Photography Complete

Jewel in the Sky (Canon XSi).

I completed principle outside photography today for my SoFoBoMo project. The weather was fantastic. Winds were 10 knots from the south, so DCA ran north arrivals and south departures. The above photo was from the Washington Sailing Marina. It was one of over 1,000 photos taken this morning in about an hour and a half. On Monday, Memorial Day, I'll take a camera to the airport and take photos inside the terminal itself. That will complete all principle photography for the book. For awhile today I thought I might not take photos inside, but changed my mind. If not for the passengers, none of this would be happening.

UPDATE: I am currently working on getting formal permission to take photos inside the airport terminal. I am hoping to take photos inside the terminal on Saturday May 30.

Last night I started playing with creating the project book with iPhoto. I've made many books, so it isn't difficult. There will be some challenges however, the greatest one being that somehow I need to manage the creation of a book starting with over 2,500 photos. No matter, it's a challenge that should be lots of fun. I expect I'll have over the minimum 35 photos for the completed book. ^_^ My goal is to tell a story, and I'll use just enough to do that.


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