Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Camera II: Then Again...

A funny thing happened the other day.  Canon temporarily dropped the prices on their lenses.  Rebates they call 'em.  You could call it a sale.  I call it a bargain.  Regardless of what anyone calls it, the price on the Canon DSLR system I was considering dropped below the dream level to the purchase level.  As I write this I await delivery of my new Canon Rebel XSi via UPS.  It's currently on the truck for delivery.

Along with the XSi, I'd considered the Nikon D40, 60, and 90, the Sony A200, and the Olympus E-520.  The final contenders were the E-520, the XSi, and the D60 in that order, all other things being equal, and were chosen based on performance and price.  I wasn't ready to buy.  I wanted to get through the SoFoBoMo without the complications of a new camera.  I wasn't even completely certain I was ready for a DSLR.  The price dropped.  It was just right.  I bought it.

What does that do for me with the SoFoBoMo?  What about the G9 in general?

At this point, the SoFoBoMo will be shot with the G9, though I can't say I'll use it exclusively.  My thought is that I could use it for the south approaches at Daingerfield Island.  It certainly depends on how quickly and how well I adapt to the new camera.  It's funny.  When I posted the "Contingencies" article, I used a photo I'd taken last year at Dulles with my iPhone.  I realized I may even use my iPhone for a couple photos in the book.  It's a serviceable little camera for certain conditions, and while I have no specific intentions for its use I don't want to preclude its use.  Accordingly, this isn't about excluding something that might actually work.

The G9 will likely be used for the bulk of the photos for the SoFoBoMo.  It may even be used for all of them.  Then again, it doesn't really matter.  It's all about the photographs.

In closing, the sun was just out a few minutes ago.  I await a sunny day with bated breath.  That's as opposed to baited breath.  I hate eating worms.

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