Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hearts of Space: Ambient Space Music

I don't recall when I first heard Hearts of Space (HOS), but it probably goes back just a few years to when I began subscribing to XM satellite radio.  HOS has been around for 26 years, a creation of Mr. Stephen Hill, whose photo is shown at the top of this post.  Each week a new program is produced, containing some of the most interesting ambient space and contemplative music one can hear anywhere.

There's a lot of ambient music available, some legitimately free on the net, some commercially available online or through iTunes.  Some of it is compelling and some is not.  What I've found is that HOS is where I can always find something different and usually very good.  Through here I've found the music of Steve Roach and a wonderful piece by David Lynch & Jocelyn Montgomery called The Music of Hildegard von Bingen.

You can hear each new program on Sunday for free through the HOS website.  You can also subscribe, which I have just done.  I have zero financial interest in HOS, but I do have personal interest in seeing that HOS and great ambient music endures even these most challenging of times.

In the words of Mr. Stephen Hill, "Safe journey space fans, wherever you are."

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