Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Departing, One Arriving (Canon XSi).

Saturday evening I went through all 2,500 photos for the second time, flagging the good ones of which there were roughly 220.  It isn't the definitive set for the book, as I know there are some in the large group I may use, but it's a starting point.  This smaller group is simply the photos that I really like.

The photo for this post is an Air Canada Jazz flight departing to the north, with another flight arriving behind it.  A part of me wishes I had as good access to Dulles as I do to National.  Dulles handles large aircraft, including 747-400s.  My guess is it could handle the new Airbus A380.  That's okay.  The smaller aircraft at National, such as this one, are just as beautiful.

UPDATE May 26:  I edited the photo.  It needed to be straightened.

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